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Dr David Hacker Neuropsychologist appointments availability update.

Before getting on to that, a very Happy New Year to Everyone!

It is important to us as a team to improve Dr David Hacker Neuropsychologist appointments availaibility and reduce waiting times. With that in mind, many of you may be aware that towards the end of last year, Dr David Hacker, neuropsychologist, made the decision to reduce his NHS commitments. This has enabled us to release extra clinic slots for medico-legal reporting purposes. We are pleased to now be able to offer more flexibility around neuropsychology appointments..

Dr Hacker’s long waiting list has been substantially chopped down (thankfully) and client’s should now be waiting no longer than 6 months to be seen, with a report to follow within 2 – 4 weeks thereafter.

We even have several cancellation and new slots throughout January, February and March this year.

We are hopeful that this will enable our clients to manage their cases more efficiently and with more flexibility. It is always a good idea to make enquiries in early course and secure Dr Hacker’s retainment at the outset. However, there should no longer be the worry of getting provisional slots in the diary whilst trying to crystal ball gaze as to whether you will actually have everything to send to Dr Hacker 12 – 18 months hence!

The secretarial team will be happy to address any queries you may have, whether it be related to Dr Hacker’s diary, availability, terms or anything else and can be contacted on DrDHacker@smlegalservices.co.uk

Clients are often anxious about attending a neuropsychology appointment, particularly when they learn that the slot is booked for a whole day. It might be useful for them to read up on what to expect before a neuropsychology appointment. Here is some guidance on what to expect.

We are very much looking forward to working with clients old and new in 2023 and delivering the best service possible and of course quality reports and expert witness services.

Find out more about Dr Hacker here

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