Below is a list of websites relevant to our industry. You can find us on Twitter #smlegalservices.

The ACL is the representative body for Costs Lawyers – regulated legal professionals who specialise in the law relating to legal costs
The Legal Services Commission (LSC) is an executive non-departmental public body of the Ministry of Justice that is responsible for the operational administration of legal aid in England and Wales
The latest Civil Procedure Rule updates
Lawtel is a subscription-based online legal research tool that provides subscribers with access to a range of legal information
Includes legal information including details of policy, training advice on dealing with solicitors
Information about the ministry, which took over the duties of the previous department of constitutional affairs and parts of the Home Office in May 2007
The SCCO’s primary function is the detailed assessment of costs
Those cases determined after 01/01/2005 which is believed will have value as precedents. With the passage of time it is expected it to become a major research resource not only for Costs-draftsmen but equally for Solicitors, Barristers and the
Legal Costs Blog
free online access to British and Irish public legal information including case law, legislation and materials produced by the Law Commissions
Private Speech and Language Therapy Service in central London for children in schools aged 4-16yrs
A Wikipedia definition of the term ‘Medico-Legal’
A Wikipedia definition of the term ‘Expert Witness’
A Wikipedia definition of the term ‘Law Costs Draftsman’
The injury lawyers listed on the APIL website are professionally accredited and have met specific criteria about their experience and expertise.
A group of physiotherapists providing reports and expert knowledge for legal purposes.