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Our partnership of medico-legal experts is based in Birmingham and the Midlands, although we work with medical experts throughout the UK and provide nationwide medico-legal reports and expert witness services.

Our medico-legal team have been instrumental in the resolution of cases across the spectrum, from minor injury claims to catastrophic traumatic brain injury and / poly trauma / life altering injuries.

We understand the huge importance of a well written medico-legal report to the progression of cases. This understanding is at the heart of our day to day work in progressing the instructions the team receive.

Our driving ethos is for the team to work together to do the very best we can for you and your client.

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The various locations in which our medico-legal experts are based are Birmingham, the Midlands, Nottingham, Leicester, Coventry, London, Berkshire, Hertfordshire, Essex, Cheshire and the North West.


Dr Gordon MazibradaDr. GM Consultant Neurologist

Multiple Sclerosis . TBI – Neuro-opthalmology – Multiple Sclerosis – Neuro-inflammatory disorders of the CNS – General neurology – Whiplash

Dr Nin BajajDr NB –  consultant Neurologist

Head injury – Post concussive syndrome – General Neurology – Clinical negligence

Dr Dominic PaviourDr DP- Consultant neurologist

General neurological disorders – Headache – Cognitive disorders – Parkinson’s disease – Movement disorders

Dr Kuven MoodleyDr KM – Consultant Neurologist

Service lead for hyperacute neurology service at St George’s London – Traumatic Brain Injury – Acute neurology – Stroke mimics – Delirium – Dementia – Cognitive disorders

Dr Mahinda YogarajahDr MY Consultant Neurologist

General and acute neurology- Epilepsy – Functional neurological disorders – Conversion disorders (including dissociative seizures or non-epileptic seizures – Headache – Head / brain injury – Whiplash – Stroke – Movement disorders – Neuropathies – Dementia – Neuro-inflammatory disorders including Multiple Sclerosis

Dr Chris Gardner-ThorpeDr CG – Consultant Neurologist

All areas of Clinical Neurology


Dr David HackerDr DH

Lead consultant Neuropsychologist for Traumatic Brain Injury, Birmingham QE- Neuropsychological assessment – Risk assessment – Cognitive rehabilitation – Cognitive behavioural approaches to mental disorder

Dr Tim HullDr TH

Mental health issues – Cognitive impairment – Suitability for rehabilitation – Affects after brain injury – Determination of mental capacity – Assessment of level of disability caused

Dr Lidia Yaguez-HervasDr LY: English, Spanish, German

Traumatic Brain Injury – Cognitive impairments – Post-Concussion Syndrome – Post-traumatic stress disorder – Depression and anxiety disorders

Dr Richard ScottDr RS

Brain injury and disease in adults and children

Consultant Paediatric Neuropsychologist

Dr Shauna KearneyDr SK

Acquired brain injuries – Neurological disorders – PTSD in children and young people following Road Traffic Collisions – Psychological therapy for children and families affected by behavioural, emotional and cognitive deficits following acquired brain injury – Psychological therapy for chronic illness or mental health difficulty

Dr Matthew MorrallDr MM

Clinical lead neuropsychologist Leeds

Paediatric Neurologist

Professor Rajat GuptaProfessor RG

Epilepsy – Headaches – Neuro-opthalmology

Dr Andrew CurranDr AC

All paediatric neurology – Epilepsy – Autism Spectrum Condition – Traumatic Brain Injury – Hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathy

Dr Inyang TakonDr IT

Paediatric neuropsychiatry – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – Neurodisability – Foetal alcohol spectrum disorder – Neurological Neurodevelopmental disorders in children – Epilepsy



Children 13+
Whiplash Injury – Road Traffic Collisions – Spinal injury

Mr AA – London and Uk wide

Children 10+

Whiplash Injury – Stroke – Brain tumours


Dr Colin ShirleyDr CS

Nerve Conduction Studies – EEG – Peripheral nerve, plexus or nerve root injuries – Trauma injury – Blast injury – Gun shot wounds

Dr Elias RagiDr ER
English, Arabic

Nerve Injuries in the neck, back, upper and lower limbs

Consultant Respiratory Physicians

Dr Ziaudeen AnsariDr ZA

Asthma – Chest injury / trauma – COPD – Pulmonary fibrosis – Sleep disordered breathing – Pleural diseases
Non-invasive ventilation – Occupational lung diseases – Tuberculosis and lung cancer

Dr Mazhar ChaudriDr MC
English, Punjabi

Lead for pleural disease service West Midlands – Lung cancer – COPD – NIV and medical high dependency unit services

  • Consultant in Respiratory and General Medicine, Pulmonary Embolism, Pneumonia, Pulmonary Infections, Bronchiectasis, Intersitial Lung Disease, COPD


Dr Lalitaa SulganiDr LS

Registered and chartered consultant psychologist (counselling) Children and adults
English, Punjabi

Trauma – Attachment – Depression – Anxiety

Dr Faisal MirDr FM
English, Urdu, Hindu

Adult mental health 

Dr Faisal MirDr HH (Counselling Psychologist)

Personal Injury, Industrial Disease, Clinical Negligence, Fitness to Practice and much more.

See profile to learn more HERE


Dr Alfred WhiteDr AW

Adult Psychiatrist

                Dr AS 

                Adult Psychiatrist

Dr Con CullenDr CC

All adult mental illness – Personality disorders – Mood disorders – Psychotic illness – History of child sexual abuse – Psychological problems associated with physical health problems – Chronic pain and mental health problems – Medically unexplained symptoms – PTSD – Depression – Bipolar affective disorder – Psychosis – Addictions – Somatoform disorders – Adult ADHD – Personal injury – Employment – Parenting assessment – Risk assessment – Assessment of mental capacity – Forensic psychiatry – Immigration / asylum


Dr Con CullenDr CC

Traumatic Brain Injury

Dr Con Cullen


Brain Injury – Dementia in older Adults

Dr Kanu AchinivuDr KA

Consultant Stroke Specialist/ Geriatrician

Dr Mohammad AlbazzazDr MA

General Medicine – Stroke medicine – Geriatrician – Parkinson’s disease – Rehabilitation

Professor of Maternal and Perinatal Health/ Obstetrician

Professor Shakila ThangaratinamProfessor ST

Pregnancy – Labour related cases – Predication and prevention of pre-eclampsia – Predication and prevention of gestational disease – Obesity in pregnancy – Diabetes in pregnancy – Epilepsy in pregnancy – Evidence synthesis – Diagnostic methodology – Evidence based medicine


Dr Peter KraltDr PK – Currently not accepting new instructions
English, Dutch

General Neuroradiology-Neurovascular diseases-Post mortem imaging-Error in diagnostic radiology-Management of incidental findings on imaging

Professor Robin SellarProfessor RS – Children and Adults

English, French

Endovascular management of cerebral aneurysms – Brain and spine scanning / imaging – Stroke – Cerebral haemorrhage – MS – Paediatric neurology – Spinal and spinal cord pathology

Dr Nader KhandanpourDr NK
Neonatal, Children and Adults

Alzheimer’s – Dementia – Vertigo – Dizziness – Brain Tumour – Concussion – Physiotherapy rehab – Mental health – Numbness – Memory loss
Bell’s palsy – Headache – Neuralgia – Parkinson’s disease – Scoliosis – Neurodegeneration – Stroke / cerebral vascular disease – Brain injury – Cerebral palsy – Dementia – Accident and Emergency medicine – Seizures / epilepsy – Tremor – Normal pressure hydrocephalus – MS – Neuropathy – Psychiatric conditions – Movement disorders

Back pain – Spinal trauma – Spinal cord injury – Spine tumour – Birth defects of the brain and spinal cord – Spinal deformity – Disc disease of neck and lower back

Dr Sachin MathurDr SM
English, Hindi

All aspects of brain and spine imaging – ENT – Head – Neck imaging

Dr Allan ThomasDr AT

Professor Vijay SawlaniProfessor VS

Neurointerventional Functional MRI scans – MR spectroscopy – Diffusion and perfusion MRI – Diffusion Tensor Imaging – TBI – Traumatic spinal injuries – Epilepsy – Strokes – Brain Tumours – Demyelination – MRI and CT imaging of brain and spine

Consultant Radiologist/ Muskoskeletal Radiologist

Dr Steven JamesDr SJ

Sports injury specialists

Dr David BealeDr DB

General radiology


Dr Chris DawsonMr CD

Prostate cancer – Lower urinary tract symptoms

Dr Duncan HarrissMr DHU –

Urinary Incontinence


Mr Paul FentonMr PF – Orthopaedic trauma surgeon foot and ankle

Mr Jwalant Mehta and Mr Adrian GardnerMr JM and Mr AG – Consultant spinal surgeon – Children and Adults

Spinal surgery – Spinal degenerative conditions – Spine fractures – Spinal injuries and deformities

Mr Michael WaldramMr MW – Consultant Orthopaedic hand and Trauma Surgeon

Mr MA – Consultant Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon

Mr Harish KurupMr HK – foot and ankle consultant trauma orthopaedic surgeon =

Foot and ankle surgery – Arthroscopic surgery of knee and ankle – Ankle replacement – Trauma surgery

Mr Matija KrkovicMr MK – consultant in trauma and orthopaedics

Complex lower and upper limb trauma and traumatic sequelae – All fractures and injuries to the musculoskeletal system – Knee arthroscopy – Meniscal repair – Knee replacements – Llizarov Frame

Mr Edward TaytonMr ET- Consultant trauma and orthopaedic surgeon

General orthopaedic trauma – Hip and knee

Consultant Physician

Dr Kaveh ManaviMr KavM – Consultant Physician

GU and HIV medicine

Dr Kaveh Manavi
Dr ABK – Dentist in Sutton Coldfield
Prof BM – Consultant Plastic Surgeon & Ortho-Plastic Hand Surgeon in London, Chelmsford & Southend.
Mrs JF – Speech and Language Therapist in Birmingham

Mr WSK – Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive and Hand Surgeon

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Dr DKC – Dentist in Birmingham

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Dr AH – Clinical Psychologist UK Wide

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Dr GKC – Dentist in Birmingham

Dr RM – Consultant in Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine

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We have offered our legal costs recovery and expert witness services to solicitor clients and medical experts in a number of locations across the UK including; Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Stafford, Shropshire, Worcester, Warwick, Leicester, Coventry, Hereford, Northampton, Nottingham, Derby, Cheshire, London, Manchester, Oxford, Liverpool, Leeds, Lincoln, Walsall, Solihull, Lichfield, Kidderminster, Chester, Stratford, Stoke, Gloucester, Peterborough, Sheffield, Bolton and Cannock.