Dr Yaguez-Hervas Neuropsychologist in London

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Hello Dr Yaguez-Hervas Neuropsychologist in London here from Medico-Legal and Neuroscience Partnership. I am a proud Neuropsychologist medico-legal expert who works with the legal team at SM Legal Services. I am also a Charter Clinical Psychologist and Associate Fellow Member of the British Psychological Society, Division of Neuropsychology (registered in the Division of Neuropsychology specialist registry and expert witness registry) and Division of Clinical Psychology. I am also HCPC registered.

I started my medico-legal work in the UK in 2004 in the expertise area of neuropsychological assessment after brain injury, post-concussion, whiplash injury and PTSD. I accept referrals from claimants and defendants in litigation claims although, over the past ten years, the majority of assessments have been requested by solicitors for the claimant. Therefore, my estimated percentage of work in respect to Claimant to Defendant has been so far around 60% to 30% and 10% of Joint Statements. I offer international neuropsychological assessments in English, Spanish (I am a native speaker) and in German. I offer assessments at my London consulting venue and will happily assess clients on weekends.

I happily accept instructions through the legal team at Medico-Legal and Neuroscience Partnership, If you wish to instruct myself, Dr Yaguez-Hervas Neuropsychologist in London feel free to contact here.

If you wish to find out more about my experience as a Consultant Neuropsychologist in London then feel free to click here.

Dr Yaguez-Hervas Neuropsychologist in London looks forward to hearing from you.

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