Hello, Dr CS Consultant Neurophysiologist in the Midlands here from Medico-Legal and Neuroscience Partnership. As a consultant I continue to teach SpRs in neurophysiology and neurology as well as medical student teaching. I continue to contribute to MRCP teaching in neurology and general medicine where the opportunity arises. I have also contributed to the undergraduate experiential learning experience as part of Keele medical school’s teaching program. I continue to assist the student technicians with medical component of their undergraduate studies and with informal tutorials relating to their degree course.

For my continuing professional development, I am currently keeping an up-to-date CPD diary with the royal college of physicians and engage in the consultant annual appraisal process.

For my medico-legal experience I undertake nerve conduction studies and electromyography for the purpose of medico-legal assessment where indicated by a referring clinician. The purpose of the assessment is to provide objective assessment of nerve injury and to aid in defining the presence and extent of peripheral nerve, plexus or never root injuries and where necessary and possible to indicate the degree of or potential for nerve recovery. My clinical work regularly involves the assessment of nerve and plexus injury following trauma including blast injury and gun shot wounds and assessment where the surgical repair of nerve injury is contemplated.

Consultant Neurophysiologist in the Midlands

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